Dragon Gate Qigong

    Dragon Gate Qigong is the authentic meditation as it is practiced and transmitted over centuries by the northern dragon gate line of taosim. Originally developed by Qiu Chu, a famous taoist, during the yuan dynasty, it is today known variously as "small heavenly circle" and "secret of the inner elixir".

    Hunyuan Qigong, which belongs to this school of inner development, is comprised of 3 different sets of practices, and are both static as well as moving meditations. The practices of the Xing Ming Shuang Xiu Fa Jue (Inner Method of Spirit and Body) are advanced meditations and are static forms, which can be practiced either sitting, standing or while lying down.


    For this reason they are especially suitable for elder persons, as well as for anyone convalescing from an illness or medical intervention.


    Qigong Can Save Your Life: 

    Today qigong is practiced to promote wellbeing.


    But a large number of medical studies show that qigong can bring significant health benefits: 

    • Cardio-vascular support: Strengthens heart and circulation
    • Improves digestion: Reduces stomack ulcers and indigestion
    • Promotes brain function: Reduces incidence of stroke
    • Emotional health: Reduces nervosity, depression, and improves memory and concentration
    • Immun system: Increases immune cells, improves function of antigens, deactivates harmful free radicals
    • Muscles and flexibility: Promotes strength and flexibility and coordination. Strengthens bones and joints 
    • Longevity and wellness: nglebigkeit und Wellness Improves blood pressure, cholestrine levels, kidney functions; improves skin elasticity and youthfullness
    • Strengthens Libido: Regular practice of Qigong can improve your hormonal balance